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RFPB Fellows Society Annual Meeting
ANCC Arlington Dining Room
September 28, 2022

Members Present:

Robert Green, President
Larry Taylor, Vice-President
Gus Hargett, BOD Member at Large 
Al Zapanta, Member
Julie Small, Member
Mark Davidson, Member


Capture previous RFPB and RFPB Staff members. Obtain names/email addresses from Mil Exec (Action Item: Bobby Green). Once the contact information is obtained, Bobby will work with George to prepare an invitation letter for prior RFPB Members and Staff. The letter will describe who we are and what we do. Retention Key: Corporate memory and mentors.

Julie Small recommended that the Fellows conduct quarterly meetings via ZOOM.

Need to obtain FY 2023 RFPB Quarterly and Annual Meeting dates.

Need to establish timeline for 2023 Citizen Patriot Awards (CPA) selection process. Julie Small will serve as the CPA Committee Chairperson for 2023. (Action Items: George Rubesha/Julie Small)

Must continue comms with MIL EXEC to RFPB Fellows – monthly email and/or phone calls. (Action Item: Bobby Green)

Citizen Patriot Awards:
The 2022 Citizen Patriot Awards will be presented immediately after the end of the RFPB Annual Meeting today. Chairman Punaro will announce the Awards presentation prior to the end of the Meeting. Award recipients for 2022 are:
Individual Award: Honorable William S. Greenberg, prior RFPB Chairman
Unit Award: 1-111th IN BN, Pennsylvania Army National Guard

Fellows Support to RFPB Subcommittees:
Bobby Green and Larry Taylor discussed their Zoom Meeting with Chairman Punaro back in July. The Chairman was open to further discussion on a process where Fellows members can volunteer to assist in RFPB Subcommittee activities. Further discussion will take place with the Mil Exec and the Chairman at a later date, following the Annual Meeting. (Action Items: Bobby Green and Larry Taylor)

Next RFPB Quarterly Meeting will be in December, tentatively scheduled at the Pentagon 
OPEN vs CLOSED Meetings – Security Clearance Clarification (Action Item: Bobby Green w/Mil Exec)

Elections for the standard two-year terms were held at the DEC2021 Fellows Annual Meeting. The next elections will take place at the 2023 Annual Meeting.