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​RFPB Fellows Society
2013 Annual Meeting Minutes
5 September 2013

Members Present:

           John Acton                              Dirk Debbink                          Paul Rehkamp
           Mark H. Allen                          Robert Green                         Thomas Plewes
           Craig Bambrough                            Mileva Hartman                      George Rubesha
           Paul Bergson                                  Grant Hollett                           Julie Small
           Kenneth Bouldin                             Tom Jones                              Jayson Spiegel
           Andrew Davis                                 William Navas                         Jerry White
           Russell Davis                         Terry O’Connell                       Albert Zapanta

Official Opening of the Annual Meeting:

MG (Ret) Kenneth Bouldin, RFPB Fellows Society President, opened the Annual Meeting with a brief on the Fellows first year successes with the presentation of the Citizen Patriot Award and the Fellows being accepted as volunteers to assist with the RFPB subcommittees. The members in attendance were reminded of the RFPB Fellows Society bylaws which state the current Board of Directors were elected last year and will serve a two-year term.

CWO4 (Ret) George Rubesha provided members present with a status update on the membership and the financial position of the RFPB Fellows Society:  

          Membership:    66 paid members 
          Bank balance:    $535.09
          FY14 Membership Dues:    $20.00 (First-time member dues remain $40.00)

Meeting Comments/Discussion:

Terry O’Connell opened the discussion with the issue of “sequestration”. He suggested the Fellows use their influence to benefit the Reserve Components.

Ken Bouldin added to Terry’s statements by recommending that Fellows members use their influence to move RFPB goals forward. He further recommended Fellows members pursue the opportunity to assist with an RFPB subcommittee.

William Navas provided the members present with an update on his volunteer experience with one of the RFPB subcommittees. He also cautioned members about the Fellows limited authority under FACA while participating with an RFPB subcommittee.  

Robert Green added that the Fellows may not be permitted to attend all RFPB subcommittee meetings based on FACA rules.  

Andrew Davis gave a short presentation on the effects of sequestration on the Guard and Reserves. He stated that resources are driving strategy and gave two examples:

          1. There’s a proposal to cut IDT drill pay by 50% because the active duty believes Guard and Reserve members are overpaid for performing IDT. A comparison of active duty (AC) and RC days worked per year reveal the AC and RC are paid the same based on the number of days each component works per year.

          2. There is an issue with TRICARE failing to continue Guard and Reserve coverage. TRICARE does not automatically stop or start when members transition from active duty or drilling status.

William Navas stated the AC is attempting to save themselves at the expense of the RC by attempting to take over traditional RC activities/assignments.

Terry O’Connell recommended all Fellows members take the opportunity to promote and distribute the RFPB’s report on the Fully-Burdened and Life-Cycle Cost of Military Personnel.

Meeting Adjourned:

MG Bouldin declared the meeting adjourned.