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RFPB Fellows Society
2014 Annual Meeting Minutes
10 September 2014

Members Present:

        Paul Bergson                         Robert Feidler               William Navas                  George Rubesha
        Kenneth Bouldin                    Robert Green                Harvey McCarter              Julie Small
        John Paul Cook            Thomas Jones               Terry O’Connell                Duncan Smith
        Mike Coyne                           Thomas Lamont            Thomas Plewes                Larry Taylor
        Russell Davis                Jerry E. White                Paul Rehkamp                 Albert Zapanta

Official Opening of the Annual Meeting:

MG (Ret) Kenneth Bouldin, RFPB Fellows Society Interim President, opened the Annual Meeting with a brief on the meeting agenda. MG Bouldin provided all members present with a short informative presentation on the Fellows past success, the Citizen Patriot Award, the Award recipients, and what the meeting was to accomplish.

Meeting Comments/Discussion:

The members present discussed the future direction of the RFPB Fellows Society with respect to its relationship with the Reserve Forces Policy Board (RFPB). The results of the discussion were to devise a format for the RFPB Fellows Society to submit its “recommendations” to the RFPB.

Election of the Board of Directors:

In accordance with the approved bylaws, MG Bouldin opened the floor for the election of a new Board of Directors. Each member present was provided with a ballot listing the seven RFPB Fellows Society Bylaws qualified candidates.  

CWO4 (Ret) George Rubesha collected the ballots and combined those ballot votes with the votes received via email, also in accordance with the RFPB Fellows Society Bylaws. Voting results concluded the follow five members were elected to the new Board of Directors (in alphabetical order):

        MG (Ret) Paul Bergson
        LTC (Ret) Robert Feidler
        Mr. Robert Green
        The Honorable Terry O’Connell 
        Maj Gen Larry Taylor

Meeting Adjourned:

MG Bouldin declared the meeting adjourned.