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RFPB Fellows Society
2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
5 September 2012

Members Present:

Official Opening of the Annual Meeting:

MG (Ret) Kenneth Bouldin, RFPB Fellows Society Interim President, opened the Annual Meeting with a brief on the meeting agenda. MG Bouldin provided all members present with a short informative presentation on the Fellows corporate structure, the Citizen Patriot Award, the Award recipients, and what the meeting was to accomplish {a review and approval of the RFPB Fellows Society (referred to as “Fellows”), bylaws and the election of the Board of Directors.

CWO4 George Rubesha provided the members present with a status update on the membership and the financial position of the RFPB Fellows Society:  

     Membership:  As of the date of the 2012 Annual Meeting there were 41 paid members.
     Revenue:  $1,645.00
     Expenses:  $1,139.00
     Bank balance:  $506.00

Meeting Comments/Discussion:

The members present had a lengthy discussion on the draft version of the Fellows bylaws resulting in a motion to accept the bylaws as amended. The motion was seconded and approved subject to review by legal counsel. 

Election of the Board of Directors:

In accordance with the approved bylaws, MG Bouldin opened the floor for Officer and Board of Directors nominations.  

MG (Ret) Kenneth Bouldin, Interim President, and CWO4 George Rubesha, Interim Secretary/Treasurer, were nominated for the Board of Directors positions held in the interim.  

Nominations were made for the remaining Officer and Board of Directors positions resulting in the following members being nominated:

     The Honorable Terry O’Connell was nominated as Vice-President
     The Honorable William Navas was nominated to an At-large position
     Mr. Robert Green was nominated to an At-large position

A motion was made, seconded and approved to cease nominations.
All nominees were elected to their respective positions by a majority of the members present.

Next Annual Meeting:

Since the bylaws provide for the Fellows Annual Meeting to coincide with the RFPB’s annual meeting, RFPB Chairman Punaro requested the Fellows poll the members present regarding their preference for meeting dates. After a brief discussion, the majority of the members present agreed to provide the RFPB Chairman with a date range of 3 - 13 September 2013 and 30 September to 11 October 2013.

Meeting Adjourned:

MG Bouldin declared the meeting adjourned.
Gene Blackwell
Robert Green
Terrence M. O’Connell
Thomas L. Jones
William S. Greenberg
Dirk J. Debbink
Kenneth A. Bouldin
Michael H. Sumrall
Jerry E. White
Richard Morton
Mark H. Allen
Shirley M. Carpenter

William A. Navas, Jr.
Thomas Plewes
Albert C. Zapanta
Bob Feidler
John Speigel
Terrence M. O'Connell
Duncan C. Smith III
Larry S. Taylor
Philip R. Fogle
George Rubesha
RFPB Fellows Society
Board of Directors Meeting
21 September 2012

Board Members Present:

     Kenneth A. Bouldin
     Robert B. Green
     William A. Navas, Jr.
     Terrence M. O’Connell
     George M. Rubesha

Official Opening of the Annual Meeting:

MG (Ret) Kenneth Bouldin, President, RFPB Fellows Society (Fellows), opened the meeting with a brief on the meeting agenda. The following agenda items were accomplished:

     -  The Board of Directors approved the 2012 Annual Meeting minutes.
     -  The Board of Directors approved and signed the RFPB Fellows Society Bylaws.
     -  The Board of Directors agreed to continue working with Senator Nunn’s scheduler to find a common date to present and
        video the presentation of the Citizen Patriot Award.
     -  Vice-President O’Connell will contact Mr. Donahue who offered to assist in the development of the Fellows website.
        In addition, Vice-President O’Connell agreed to contact General (Ret) Gordon Sullivan to follow up on his membership.
     -  After the Board of Director’s discussion, a motion was made and seconded to institute and develop a search for past 
        RFPB members, staff, and member designees.
     -  After the Board of Director’s discussion, a motion was passed to include a page on the Fellows web site for our official
        documents and bylaws. That page will be password protected to allow only members to access. Also, it will be noted that
        members may access the formal minutes of the RFPB meetings by using the link provided on the Fellows web site.

Meeting with RFPB Military Executive, Maj Gen Jimmy Stewart

Maj Gen Stewart provided the Board of Directors with an explanation of how and why the RFPB is subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). 

Maj Gen Stewart and the Board of Directors discussed the relationship between the RFPB and the Fellows Society, resulting in the following:

     -  The Fellows Society would appreciate an invitation from the RFPB for a representative from the Fellows to attend the RFPB
        quarterly meetings.
     -  In addition, the Fellows expressed an interest, if requested by the RFPB, to recommend experienced Fellows members to
        serve as a resource for any RFPB Subcommittee.
     -  Also, if security and space issues will allow, it was requested by the Fellows that the RFPB invite Fellows member(s) on 
        field trip site visits at no cost to the RFPB or the Department of Defense.
Letter from the RFPB Chairman, Arnold L. Punaro, to the RFPB Fellows Society

     The RFPB Fellows Society held its first annual meeting on 5 September 2012.  The annual meeting was attended by 21 members, all of whom are former members or designees of the Reserve Forces Policy Board's (RFPB).  The meeting took place at Ft. Myer Officers' Club in Arlington, Virginia in the Koran Room.  The minutes of the meeting will be available when approved by the newly elected Board of Directors.  The new Board of Directors are:

     MG Kenneth A. Bouldin, USAR (Ret), President
     The Honorable Terry O'Connell, Vice-President
     CWO4 George M. Rubesha, USCGR, Secretary/Treasurer
     The Honorable William A. Navas, Board member At-large
     Mr. Robert Green, Board member At-large

    The Citizen Patriot Award and the Citizen Patriot Unit Award were presented during the RFPB's 
evening dinner ceremony.   Please click on the Citizen Patriot Award tab above.     

2012 RFPB Fellows Society Annual Meeting